Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

Only look forwards

This is a very refreshing game to play, the animation style and dark atmosphere really set this apart from what I've seen on Newgrounds so far. Its a really solitary and lonely but fantastic experience playing the game, the sound is perfect and not invasive at all. I love how you can restart on the same screen after dying, this is what makes it even more playable for me. Some cool thought was put into the puzzles too, some navigation and killing required a bit of thinking and logic.

The control system is pretty solid. When I saw the rain at the beginning, I knew I was going to like this game a lot.

5/5 10/10 Awesome effort put into this.


Beautiful game and fantastic music suits it. The ending creeped me out a bit but
it was awsome!!
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and ..("autopilotoff" you have no taste in games)


I loved this game so much because even though it is simple, the game is wonderful. The controls worked well for the type of game this was, and my absolute favorite part was the very end when you finally understand what you were doing the whole time. Very nice job.


i was about to mention what serrerode sayed, but i was... a month too late


So simple, very challenging, and a great story actually. Haven't seen a game like this in a long time