Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

here's what its based off of

there was a Greek myth about a guy who goes down to the underworld to find his girlfriend and Hades said if you look back on the way out then you will never see her again.
by the way good job!


absolutely incredible


So simple yet so perplexing.
What really made me like this game was that this reminds me of that book I forgot the title of.
The one where the man loses his wife, has to go to hades to get here, but if he looks back at her she disappears.

Pretty good

I love the old style games, and you made it real tough to get the girl's ghost back to the grave since you can't look at her. And nice twist ending ^_^


reminds me of an old greek legend i think it was orpheus the minstrel who married the most beautiful woman n she died so he went to hades to get her back but he wasnt allowed to look at her until he ha gotten back to the surface... well he looked and he didnt get another chance... i acted his part in a play once it was perty turrible but this game was awesome... good puzzles, good bosses... and you cant tell me you never heard that story cuz there were sooo many similarities... but orpheus never had a gun, he had a lute but yeah 10/10 5/5 keep it up