Reviews for "Don't Look Back"


it was long but really cool, the ending was pretty unexpected for me
this game deserve front page.

good work man.

this is some nifty thing, you got here, i like the story the game play is good, thats really all you need for a pixel game. the only thing is you need longer music. other then that this is gold. this is how PitFall should of been.


I loved it, nice story, and that even without a single bit of story based text! Very nice.

Loved it

first what caught my attention was the fact that it was pixelated
very well done job at recreating the classic atari look

when i started playing i though... "hmm this seems pretty easy"
then it got progressively harder until the point when it was downright irritating
but i decided to keep going after the massive ammounts of retries.
the game is outright unforgiving for making a tiny mistake, but i was patient

i finally beat the final boss thinking "Yes I won"
after reaching the soul of my dead wife and having her walk after me without turning back i realized the entire thing is based on Dante's Inferno.

I tried completing the gruesome task of returning back to where i started thinking im going to have a different outcome

When i finaly get there i go "WTF!?"
I was pretty disappointed, but i still liked the game because it brought emotion into me. And that's rare these days.

Awww SNAP!
Good platformer, and really creative. I'm impressed you made a game based on the myth of Orpheus. The name reminded me of it, but it wasn't until I actually got to the spirit that I realized it really was based one it.
Well done!