Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

Nice and difficult.

I always come back to this game at least once in a year, today i beat it twice.
This game is that awesome.
And let me just say that the music is perfect. It truly completes the dark atmosphere of the game

At the end they both died? was that he's friend? thats why he was sieng monsters and demons i never knew but this is a good game though ill give it a full rate cuz its awesome

A great game, I remember playing this on another website. But I digress. I love the challenging gameplay, especially when you're returning to the surface. The music was top notch and I think the game was a little short, to be honest. As Vampeen said, this is really similar to the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Euridice, because you enter the underworld and find the soul of a woman.

This is a great little game with a very strange and creepy atmosphere; the gameplay is challenging and enjoyable and I really enjoy the story. Were you by any chance inspired by the famous Greek myth of Orpheus and Euridice? Just curious because that's what this game reminds me of.