Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

A plataformes with action and pixel reddish game, good soundtrack and good dificulty

What's done is done, you can not change what happened, DonĀ“t look back.

he was death all along


I really enjoyed this game, in fact: i fucking love it!
Since i already have a crush on pixel games, i adore the minimalistic graphics. They give you an idea of your underworld-like surroundings and add to the Oprheus/Hades setting.
The controlls are easy and well used in the game. Every screen brings some new ideas, or challenges you with a harder version of an older screen. So it really keeps you interested and challenged. Plus the two boss battles were really creative and fun! Don`t look back can be completet in a few minutes and it can be played secretly when you`re at work ;) (like me)
Looking forward to play more of your games! Keep it up<3

Harsh on the heart, but it kept me playing -- well done!

I got the underworld image within the first two cliff dives, and I got the Orpheus/Eurydice image the first time I caused her ghost to disappear. It hurt that time, and it felt just as bad on the part with the three ropes where I had to force myself to end her. The scenery and music switched back and forth from gloom to wrath, which was cool, and there were a few stages (*especially* with her ghost) that demanded that I barrel ahead, no hesitating, and that kept me fired up.

Even the bosses were cool. I kinda felt like I was taking on Cereberus with just a pistol and some jumps, and cracking his surprise invincibility felt more exhilarating than the "aim for the head" minion-spawner. My only real annoyances came from times when I had to leap into an instant pool of death, like the cliff to the snake+jumping guy, or the two fireball demons. I went into spam-panic mode -- frustrating, but maybe that's my lack of tactics.

But overall, this game got me immersed really deep, both in the underworld sense and the feeling sense, which made the ending hit me that much harder. Very awesome!

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