Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

A good game, difficult with the platforming in some places but all in all very polished. I'm having a little problem with the storyline however, since it appears that there is only a 'bad ending' where something extremely bad happens.

Really entertaining.
nice ending too xD.
Recommended definitely.

hard but enjoyable, i enjoy these kinds of games!

:) Have you heard of Orfeo and Euridice?

Such a nice ending... like... I got chills...

Anyway, it's weird how it doesn't fit in a game-style that I like, like it's in the middle of 8-bit and advanced graphics... that bothers me, but it doesn't affect to the whole piece. Although yes, visuals are very important in games, it doesn't matter in this particular close and warm case.

Flawless immersion coheres with flawless story, I felt stronger emotion in my playthrough than I have in a lot of other games I've played these past few months.
Difficult in the perfect amount, so it keeps you trying without making you give up. An excellent mix of platforming and action and art.
Minimalism allows the player to use their imagination, instead of being spoon fed the world, only increasing the perfection.
The final run was the most emotional. Being unable to see your wife (in the very titular fashion) without her disappearing induced strong pangs of sadness that I haven't felt in years.
The ending... Could not have been more perfect. To the point, concise, and outright chilling.