Reviews for "Legislative Review"


This was quite possibly even funnier than "Tom goes to the Mayor" mainly due to the sillier looking characters and the plot behind the flash,the voice acting was great and i was laughing for a good bit from this flash it really got my funny bone so i wouldn't mind seeing more flashes like these in the future. =)

Comical in its own way.

The story was pretty good, but its the poses that seal the deal.

I hope this leads the way to an epic series...

Great Job!

Tom Goes to the Mayor ftw.

This movie was pretty funny. You got quite a few chuckles out of me.

Keep it up!

I really liked this

you really did do well capturing the TGTTM feel...and i have to say Tim and Eric are the best, and you did NOT make me cry...

great job


Yes it IS pretty awesome!

WHOA next to ,,Mad''...HI MAD ^^