Reviews for "Bulwark 53"


The graphics are well put together, the concept is very easy. The only thing is that the minigun is too easy too find, and plus its infinite. The levels are very easy but too big. And you should make him run. Other than that this game is great.

Very reminiscent

Of "Condemned 2: BLOODSHOT" for the PS3. Nothing like the smell of Zombies in the morning gun smoke. Who's with me?


is a pretty solid game but you need to make better the walk animation because when you walk sideways the character looks like walking to the front.

another thing is that you need to guide the player because i found the six weapon so it was easy.

Great game

Love this, but you need a menu, some options for quality etc. Cause the game started lagging really bad and I couldn't save it. Good job.

you mouse aiming is messed up

the mouse only moves your aim when you click
and thats kinda a problem
fix that and youve got it made