Reviews for "Bulwark 53"

that was awful

Try finishing the game maybe? Also, the "walkthrough" was nothing but a map and a short description of the game. Try putting effort into anything besides graphics and you'll have a great game.

Also, for anyone looking for a REAL walkthrough, here you go:
1. Go Outside
2. Go to the armory
3. You win, because the best gun in the game is in the armory, guarded by 4 of the weakest enemies in the game, and it has unlimited ammo and no reload, also, theres nothing else to do in the game.

great game but

once u leave the north hq i couldnt walk or point my gun anywhere, it's like it froze but not the whole game. When the zombie finally came and started attacking me my life went down all the way but i didn't die.

PopBrain responds:

You need to find the correct colored key.

Could have been great

Tra-Trudge.....tra-trudge.....tra-tru dge.

You better get used to this sound of your character's footsteps if you intend to play this game, as you're going to hear it for a long, long time.

This came pretty close to being a really good game - clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into making it. The title screen and game environment have all been lovingly drawn, and the background music is pretty ominous. The introduction sets up a sense of promise and expectation - a soldier's troop has been attacked, your character has woken alone, and "needs to find some answers". However, this is when it seems to go a little wrong. Unfortunately, after playing it for a long time, I still didn't have "any answers"!

The game consists of walking around, shooting zombies and other monsters, whilst trying to access cards to open up other areas of the game. However, the game map is very large and your character doesn't appear to run. Together, this means that it takes a very, very long time to get anywhere. Additionally, there aren't that many zombies, so unfortunately you spend most of your time just walking from A to B (Tra-trudge....). When they do show up, they aren't that hard to gun down, so it's back to walking again (Tra-trudge).

If you've get some time to spare, it is worth a look, but be prepared to spend a lot of that time walking around, wondering what you really are supposed to be doing!

Possible improvements would be to speed up the gameplay a little - faster movement and faster zombies, and more enemies would definitely help spice this up.

It's a real shame, this game had some serious potential, but unfortunately just doesn't quite deliver.

Nice graphicks

I dont know if you noticed: the Minigun is waaaaay more powerfull.
Its my favorite weapon, but it fires 80 rounds per second.
BTW I never saw the bullets actually "fly", but that doesn't matter.
6/10 becouse of the good graphicks but very unrealitic

There's no challenge

The design is great, the controls are great (except for the speed), overall it looks very nice. But it is boring as all. There's no kind of flow, which I guess would be okay if there was more to do, but you just wander around and find some zombies every once in a while. I got the minigun and the game was practically over. This game needs more to do, a faster pace, and a whole lot more difficulty. There's also a lot of glitchyness. It's slow responding sometimes and i got stuck coming out of the south hq and couldn't move. I was just really pretty excited about this game and it was so disapointing.