Reviews for "Bulwark 53"

did anyone else have this problem?

the floor was all red in the main area and in the south headquarters, no walls or any thing which is lame it seemed fun

some bad bugs

I liked the atmosphere, and the graphics were okay.

My only beef is the easiness and bugs. First weapon I find is the minigun, it has unlimited ammo and never needs to reload. Why would I ever look at other weapon? It owned everything in sight in less than 0.1 sec. This made the game really easy. But I somehow think you didn't mean it to be like that, so this is probably a bug.

Other serious bug was when I come out of the green HQ (south HQ?), I lost movement control of my character. I could still shoot, but I couldn't move. And this isn't one of those things where the flash just loses focus, something in your game is bugged. This was game over which is a shame as I wanted to finish the game.

Overall this game has potential, but this version is ruined by bugs. I hope you fixed them soon and I'll give this another try.

Great addictive games with the fast code

I love that game !!!
Thanks for your great games

Yeah I kinda agree with Cauterised

But this game doesn't suck. It's quite good, and I like it, but there should at least be a key for the armory, I mean, uber damage+high atk spd+infinite bullets=major overkill. The walkthrough is indeed a walkthrough though, go to the IOP pages, the one you are looking at is an overview, the 2nd is the first real walkthrough is IOP page 2, if you want a semi-challenge, avoid the armory, and go in order.

Nice Game

Great games reminds me of the game RELOADED for the playstation back in the days. Great graphic, nice touch. It sure help with the speed code ;)