Reviews for "Bulwark 53"

Decent game... but...

Giving the minigun infinite ammo is a game killer. It makes things way to easy. Also, I think I've encountered a bug when exiting the south HQ... I get stuck and can't move. Has happened three times now. May want to look into it.

good game but there is a slight problem

one time when i was exiting south hq the character suddenly got stuck and wouldnt move i dont know if its a glitch or something if ya can try to figure out whats the problem k?


...but funny!


This game reminds me of the show "biggest loser".... All you get is guys walking, and no action :(

I personaly liked the mini gun in the begining, for the lack of action, mini gun was fun. But I want like 200 zombies comming at me at once as I mini gun their decaying butt!

Pretty Good

Not too bad. I enjoyed playing as far as I could, but no save feature and slow movement meant not willing to play through it again.