Reviews for "Bulwark 53"


The first gun i ever picked up happend to be the minigun. Wich was.. Boring. infinite ammo, no effects at all, and annoying sound. Also, it felt like a ghost town, but without the ghosts like.

it could have been a nice game, but you should have giving it a bit more tuning.

Good job on sound and feel though :)

Good, but...

I have to agree with sirfalas, the minigun in the Armory right away killed it. Very nice game, you'd have gotten a ten, except:
- Minigun (maybe place later in game, or limit ammo, drop your walk speed while carrying it, spin-up delay after clicking before it starts firing, use beretta-damage bullets instead of deagle-damage bullets, etc.)
- A glitch on my way out after clearing South HQ trapped me in one spot and wouldn't let me turn or move, despite my feet moving. Tried reload, switch weapons, firing (all of which worked normally), right-click stuff, etc, but couldn't free myself.
- Up until this glitch, I took exactly 0 damage and had 4 medkits. I like starting with one, and I thought they were okay for distribution except for the double in South HQ, but I was under no danger of taking damage at any point (except once when one of the fast 7-hp guys came out of a shadow and the time by Main Hall when I walked into a cluster). Dunno if enemies should move faster, be more common, have range on occasion, not be slowed down by bullets as much, more hp, or what, but being invincible and overpowering just made it a joke.

Great style and smooth coding except for that glitch, just retune a few things and it will be awesome!


For some reason, my guys couldn't move anymore after I exited the south hq. No response to keyboard input, mouse does not aim anymore, the only thing that works is clicking, which shoots. Not too great when you can only face one direction...

Cool zombie game, but too short, and the minigun has infinite ammo? come on, I stumbled upon it at the beginning and ripped through the enemies. So I was just breezing through the undead infested base as if it were a walk in the parc. Unbelievable.

You should check other zombie game on NG, a few nice ideas out there that might help you push the storyline and game depth further.

Still fun.

The Mini-gun right away ruined it for me..

Props for a good game, huge resident evil influence but getting that gun straight away just ruined it.

You are trying to build suspense with the music so have give us a godly weapon that takes it away?

Verbal clues/hints would also be a nice addition just to give a general direction and to let players know doors are locked.

Play the story out, fill us with suspense and limited ammo and you got yourself a great game!

I hope you work on it =]

Ok but needs work.

Idea = sound.
Minigun = god mode.

Why did you even bother with the guns between beretta and mini gun?
The best weapon of the game should not have unlimited ammo. I liked the intro, so how about do an end cinema also? Descent, but not great. Also might look into a way to let people know that the doors are locked and you need a key to enter. Rather than have a speed cheat, put in a sprint button?

I hope you keep working on things like this. I'm sure a few more tries and you will come up with some awesome work.