Reviews for "1 Day Quest"


loved it...


Not bad

Better than most projects that take longer than a day so well done :) i like these 'click, collect and solve' kinda games so good job :)

Good But Short

I liked the concept, but it was awfully short. Maybe in the future you can make a bigger version.

And a hint system would be nice( but keeping the Walkthrough)

Challenging and entertaining..."where's the rest?"

The overall execution of the game was pretty much flawless, what little of the game there was anyway. The game is in much need of expansion (i.e. more levels, greater challenges) but still, it's very impressive for having completed it in a mere 24 hours.

The whole concept of clicking on things to explore a scene is probably one of the most often used components in a flash puzzle game, but that was not a problem because the pieces came together seamlessly to make very interesting and surprisingly thought-requiring puzzles. The random facts as a reward was not a bad touch either. Nice work.


Game is god but waaaay too short..