Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

Cute Death

You have managed to making killing things even more addictive than ever before.

Die you red critters!

Good effort.

Really good.

Definitely a nice game. It had me thinking ahead and planning out my moves, something not too many games do. My only problem was that there weren't a lot of red cuties to kill, so my health depleted pretty fast. That's not your fault, though, it's the luck of the draw. Definitely a 10/5 and a fave from me.


It was just as addicting as Thing-Thing Arena 3. Awesome game!

Great Game

Did a very nice job with this game. It was able to keep me engrossed for awhile and I found it very entertaining. Love new types of puzzle games like this, keep up the good work =D

nice game in the tradition of conq

you took a solid premise and added a nice twist with special abilities and the need to kill red cuties adds to the urgency and forces you to take some care on how you kill.great job.