Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


The game design and logical concept is good. I give 3 stars for the work.
But the idea to kill animals is awful. It wasn't so bad if you have to kill people in this game. But how can you kill this little cuties?


kind of fun, but it gets boring way tu fast. and plz, what the heck is the point?

Annoying, and pointless!

This title was dumn as hell. It had an retarded plotline, unfair rules, and strategy that doesn't really add to the experience. I played this game for 10 minutes, then moved on, because of how badly this game failed to impress. I'm sorry, urbansquall, but this was just another feeble attempt to copy "Bejweled" style gameplay. So, unless you are really bored, disregard this game completely.


sucks, gets boring esily.


it was stupid... so retarded it was gay drrrrrrrrrrrrr