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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

it was ok

I can't say it was real good, it was interesting, but the problem I had was I continually got stuck and had to restart becuase there was no where for me to move... and... one thing that bugs me the most... why does Death die? that makes no sense

The music and graphics were great,

but as for overall gameplay i felt it was lacking. it was just like sooooo many other puzzle games. I did like, however, that you had to kill red ''cuties'' to replenish health. that little feature gave it a little more difficultie, and set it apart from the other puzzles like it . i also liked how the music changed to dramatic tunes when you were low on health or something. pretty good game, but just didnt hold my attention.


they need to add more gamplay other than just killing thingys.......its just plain.....bland.....not new....ive seen this type of game allot before so that takes aout 3 stars away....i dont like it but its good for high score challenges.yes ok graphics but needs more improvment to hold more people onto this game.only good for 1 play then your bored of it. im not trying to be mean im just giving constuctive critism so dont mark it as useless just because you like this game.

this game isn't that great

this game sure is better than a lot of games on here but it also isn't that good it was fun for only a short while then I wanted it to end.