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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


well it was good pretty good gameplay and it was just fun but i still felt it was lacking.

cool, but you have to be too lucky

as above, you have to have a lot of luckt there are the same color in a group, when i had a shit load of points they usually started popping op in a specific order like:
blue-black-yellow-red, and that repeated all the time so they didnt get surrounded by their kind

still really addictive

A decent little time waster.

It's a fun game, good if you have five or ten minutes to spare, or are just bored.


This game is so addictive. I could play on it for hours :D

pretty good.

Gets a little boring. The thing with the lives is a little stupid. any one tired of people trying to mix killing games with puzzle games? Still pretty good.