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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

it's good,

But while it masquerades as a strategy game, it's pretty much down to basic luck. If you see a group of cuties, kill them. If you see red cuties, kill them. That really seems to be it as far as it goes.

The graphics are pretty neat and the music is bouncy and mostly fitting, but when I play a strategy/puzzle that's not what I care about.

not great but not bad u know

i liked it but it got kinda not fun or real boring but i thought u did pretty good.well done


what was the point of it
its addicting and all but after a while u have to ask what the point is
it needs a story line
like "littlle grim needs to collect so many souls in order to free big grim from the grasp of george bush" or some other thing like that
other then that good


this game is fun, but very tricky. ill give it a 7 for good artwork and gameplay

kinda repetitive

kinda repetitive but still cool