Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


Really good gameplay.Fun, challenging and addictive

A good mix of strategy and violence.

This game was addictive and it had some nice puzzles. The animation and controls were very nice, and the plot was actually pretty funny. I couldn't get far past level one, but I enjoyed the game nonetheless. I thought the idea of the different critters having special abilities was very creative. Also, is your title a pun on "Bloody Sunday"? Anyway, I'll recommend this to the puzzles collection. Keep up the great work!

This game is addicting.

Not just for the game itself. It visually appealing, and the music is pretty cool. Everything blends very nicely. The idea, the graphics, the music, the way the HUD is put together. All very nice. Look forward to other submissions.


ko my xbox 360 was Brok so i try out this good game make more

Really addictive. You really gotta think when to kill reds, use vampire touch or get doubles.