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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

good game

i was really fun and i didnt even notice that i hade been siting for hours . Good stuff


Dude. I like, didn't know anything could get this good. I don't even has sound. And stuff.
So yeah. Just like. -goes back to staring and drooling-


bloody good

very good

I liked this game cuz you actualy have to think. at first you see that reaper and think: "yay kill stuff without doing a shit!"
BUT its kinda hard and sometimes you have to sit and think of the oppurtunes.
The graphics whas good and i like that style. Nice special attacks and nice way to get them.

overal its a good game and i give it 10/10 and 5/5


This game caught me from the start with its subtle strategy and comical premise. I find the mixing and matching of various abilities makes for an intricate play that requires some chess-like forethought. The music is a bit repetitious, but it blends well with the satisfying sounds of slaughtered cuties.

My only complaint is holding out on the third Death character to lure people to the site. Don't get me wrong, I think its a perfectly valid way to try to bring the masses to the home of the game, which will help bring about even more games by your very capable studio, its just that after having built up some high scores, only for them not to carry over to the other version on your site, for me, was an annoyance.

All in all, this game made it into my favorites list and my wife has already begun to hate it. Well done!