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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

Really good.

Definitely a nice game. It had me thinking ahead and planning out my moves, something not too many games do. My only problem was that there weren't a lot of red cuties to kill, so my health depleted pretty fast. That's not your fault, though, it's the luck of the draw. Definitely a 10/5 and a fave from me.

Really Good but still...

Ok Its Great but when you get stuck into a corner whit Eggs its Over for you T_T

Ha! called another one =)

I knew this would be first place too lol

this is actually one of my favorite games on this site
good work!

It's okay

There is a game breaking problem which occurs when you paint yourself into a corner with no eggs or cuties around you. Once that happens there is nothing you can do but quit. There needs to be a better way out of that without leaving the game. You might say, "Don't paint yourself into a corner!" that isn't the way games should be made.

love it

A new concept of a reaper's life, kill, gaining lives and wait for hatching.
Walk in zigzag,
Prepare a way to turn b4 hitting a large group, coz u wont wanna move into a field of eggs. while its challenging if goldegg is hatched(10/+ cuties in a group)
Hatching time means new way to go while gold egg will lost
Skill 1,3,5 are easier to obtain but Skill 2,4,6 need more kills to get while its more useful

Skills #1 Blue I, Jump Slash : a way to escape or get gold egg
Skills #2 Blue II, Double Souls : bigger rewards if used on a larger group (good use for healing)
Skills #3 Yellow I, Transform : useful when you are one foot stepped into RIP, aim at a large group and pray.
Skills #4 Yellow II, Bloodthirsty Strike : use it on a large group and watch the HP bar
Skills #5 Black I, Laser eye : get most kill when you are at the edge of the map
Skills #6 Black II, Remote kill : useful for getting goldegg

enjoy ~~ (i sign up for adding this game to fav lollll)