Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


Hard but nice. Looks like you made grim reaper's family...

Really good.

Definitely a nice game. It had me thinking ahead and planning out my moves, something not too many games do. My only problem was that there weren't a lot of red cuties to kill, so my health depleted pretty fast. That's not your fault, though, it's the luck of the draw. Definitely a 10/5 and a fave from me.

Really Good but still...

Ok Its Great but when you get stuck into a corner whit Eggs its Over for you T_T

Ha! called another one =)

I knew this would be first place too lol

this is actually one of my favorite games on this site
good work!

It's okay

There is a game breaking problem which occurs when you paint yourself into a corner with no eggs or cuties around you. Once that happens there is nothing you can do but quit. There needs to be a better way out of that without leaving the game. You might say, "Don't paint yourself into a corner!" that isn't the way games should be made.