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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

awesome game

i got 20506 and 31870 for scores =) game is so addictive and is well made

The Master Rater

Frankly, I think this game shows prowess. normally, there are several games on the internet nowadays that involve you playing as death. hardly any of them though involve you actually killing cute little critters. so I'd think that this one is a little original. Personally, I was a little bored, but I had things on my mind at the time. So that might explain the rating. However, I'm also a little bit of a fan of the cute creatures. Sorry if people find that pansish, but too bad. Back to business though. overall, a unique game, taking an old concept. And not many customated pixilated images are that good in terms of artistic style, so I'd say well done in that category. If you stop making games, consider an game designer job. maybe paper mario. Good, yet simple.

Woaa !

Good Job !!
so Original !

sweet sound of victory

i loved the sound of killing them

It was.

Amazing, I loved it. It was fresh, and everything about it was freakin cute. It was Hexagon with an awesome twist. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Keep it up.