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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


A little bland though

Almost perfect

Truly wonderful luck/strategy game! Refreshing graphs! The only thing i would say is to diverse the soundtrack. Everything else is silver bright!


'bout as much fun as a one player game of chess. less bong-hits before the submission date would be good for the game and the player in turn could have a more engauging experience


Nice game, very fun, nicely looking and designed. Rather easy. Special moves are always nice. However it was intersting for approximately 10 minutes that took to complete it. After that there is nothing to do, nothing new as game progresses and this game can be easily forgotten. Unlimited modes are not for me, I prefere to have a goal. A 10 minute entertainment.

really good job dude!

Dude this is a really good game so congrats, being honest i felt like something missed i dont know what but just something missed sorry i can't think what it is but still great job dude o i just figured out but this it's just my opinion and please dont get upset for this the only thing that i think it miss is a rival i know you got some great and challenging rules and i did not play the whole game so i don't know if there is one but as far as i played there were none so that's the only thing i felt it ailed but it's just because i'm used to one on one games so it desn't have to be a rule you know again great job