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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

This Game Rockz

Nice Game!

I. Absolutely. Love this game.

I love the simplicity yet complexity of the game as it adheres more to strategy than just randomly killing things. Though that is fun by the way, this game has an underlying complexity to it that has you frustrated yet addicted at the same time. You have to plan your next move carefully which is what I love because your next move could mean death for... Well... Death himself. If I could I'd rate this 500 but since there's only 10 stars then 10 out of 10. Great game! Plus it's always satisfying when you get the healing type power and you find about 12 cuties bunched up together and then killing them with the power and gaining 12 health back just when you're on the verge of dying. The music is calming yet energetic and it REALLY makes you nervous when your health is at the 5 mark.


Im a girl and hate killing stuff....... even fake animals.... im sorry....i will rate fairly cuz other ppl like it sooo uhhhhh there.

very fun game

this is a very nice game

very nice addicting game

nice done mad but do u have music cause i love the music from the game where can i find it