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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

i enjoyed it

6 stars for killing


not my cup of tea but 5 for effort

Everyone likes killing cute things

Fun and addictive for the first time but after i died once I just couldn't be bothered to replay from the start, although that's probably a personal issue.

It's like hexagonal chess

The game is great because it actually makes u think about every move and many more moves in advance, timing your special attacks right can keep u up and running for a long time.
I like how the game taunts u by displaying the "game over" icon on the egg timer bar, so u can feel better about yourself when u beat it. Of course it is impossible to beat the game as it gives u less and less red creatures, creating scarcity and eventually leaving u dry.
It's a great game as it stimulates the mind in more ways than one.

Ow my brain...

Thought this game was too easy... until I got further in the levels. I often pulled off the worst rookie mistakes like boxing myself in with a mountian of eggs. Great game! Planning is key here in this game.