Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


not my kind of game but i'm not gonna rip on it just because of that ( unlike some people... you know who you are.....) I guess for a puzzle game of that type it was ok.


sucks, gets boring esily.

Fun--but over time got old

The game was really fun in the begining, but got too easy after you learned some strategies. It was really easy to just dont kill any reds until your almost dead. Using the skill to change their color often so you get more reds. Near your death you end up with like 15-20 reds and just use the double soul skill on a red giving you a max bar. Then repeat. I loved the skills that you could use, and i think this game could be alot better if there were more modes and different map shapes on it-not just a square/rectangle. The golden eggs seemed over powered. Thanks for a fun hour or so.


it was pretty good jus need more health guys


I didn't really like it, sorry.