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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

Fun as hell

suprisingly fun game you have here. I never really cared for these kind of games but this one is rather entertaining. Good job on it and I love the powers. nothing like Laser vision to spice up an afternoon XD

btw to the idiot below me...wait a few minutes. it'll load.

How can you refuse death?!

The game is very creative and puzzling, especially when utilizing death's many slaying "techniques." Although my only problem is its replay value. It gets boring pretty fast, it could be just my personal opinion. Overall, the game is brilliant and "cute."

extremely good

extremely good...for that style of game that is amazing....real good work...maybe throw down some control instructions on your discreption

One of the best

I'd be hard pressed to decide between this and Amorphous+ for my favourite game on NG. You might want to change the description, though, as I expected it to be another mediocre action game - at least mention that it's a puzzle/strategy game.

Anyway, the graphics are excellent, the gameplay is addictive and challenging, and the interface is slick. With the addition of a fixed puzzle mode, this could easily be a downloadable title. The only thing I didn't like was the music... if you're only going to have one song, it needs to be something more neutral and unobtrustive.

Amazing job, really.


not my kind of game but i'm not gonna rip on it just because of that ( unlike some people... you know who you are.....) I guess for a puzzle game of that type it was ok.