Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


they need to add more gamplay other than just killing thingys.......its just plain.....bland.....not new....ive seen this type of game allot before so that takes aout 3 stars away....i dont like it but its good for high score challenges.yes ok graphics but needs more improvment to hold more people onto this game.only good for 1 play then your bored of it. im not trying to be mean im just giving constuctive critism so dont mark it as useless just because you like this game.


It was a fair game. The concept was a little boring, and the gameplay left me yawning. Your fate is more in the hands of the RNG than yours. It's just... boring. I don't know why. The graphics were good, the powers were interesting and perfectly balanced, but it's just boring. It's obvious that you put a lot of work into this, but I just don't find it fun. Overall, I give it a 6, because it looks nice and works, but it just isn't entertaining to me.


Rape the cuties to survive! ROFL


Umm... cute critters? No. Disguisting... KILL THEM AAALLLL

It was ok

It was ok but it's gets boring after a short while.