Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

eh not that good

not as good has i hoped

Cooliossss XD

Love the game even though the end game part comes up way to quick..... The music is great too. XD


At first thought the idea may be little creepy/sick...but the game is absolutely adorable. Playing it gives a lot of fun and makes you want to come back again and again. Looks pretty. Music is very cool. And Grim Reaper is always badass (especially when it looks so sweet).

Very worth playing

Some games entertain you for a bit and then get boring, but this game shows a lot of thought was put into it, maybe not effort, but a lot of thought went into making this game really addictive, nice concept, nice music, perfect ten from me

All in all a great game

This game was fun and addicting, and a little confusing at first. If I had read the author comments, I would have realized right away that you needed to kill red cuties to keep playing. The only problem I had: I could not see my score. It only showed the last number and a half, the rest of the score section was blank. Keep up the good work