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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

Ah... Fun

I've played this quite a bit over the last 7 months and I never really tire of it. It's easy enough, but still requires thought so you don't strand yourself far away from life. I like the selection of 'special' moves you can perform. I'd say the only thing that may be considered for improvement would be to increase the size of the playing board. Other than that, pretty damn good.

Well call me suprised

I honestly came in not expecting much...but this, could be one of my favorite addicting games on the site. Must stop playing...eventually

fun puzzle game

nice and fun


it was alright


Now, with a name like Bloody Fun day, I was expecting all the violence. but what I wasn't expecting was a fun, addicting little puzzler. not to mention time-consuming. and the fridge horror is brilliant. all the fun you have, then you realize: "Hey, I've been harvesting the souls of small animals for fun and amusement." if this were any site but newgrounds that would become really chilling. great game. 5s all around.