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Reviews for "Music Catch 2"


i just get a black screen with a yellow dot for a cursor and a moving grey line with a REALLY annoying buzz with nothing happening at all besides the buzz.
i wont vote on it and bring down the score unless its fixed

It is bugged for me

I can catch the notes falling on the menu, and I can watch the tutorial on how to play...but the second the game actually starts...it doesn't. Gray line spins slowly in the background while my speakers pelt out what can be best described as something similar to listening to dial-up connecting. Yeah, it's pretty bad. Not as shrill, but still. I won't vote on it as most people have it working fine for them, but sadly it does not work for me.

I just loaded up the original for a comparison and can see the gray line should be spitting out things to catch and music should play, but for some reason it is not doing that for me on this sequel. The original was pretty cool, can't wait for this one to work for me to play other songs too.

You've got to be kidding me

This is terrible and is not a tgame at all, just move mouse around and watch pandering asskissing messages pop up.

Great example of what is truly wrong with today's casual gaming scene.
Terrible games that reward you with asskissing messages, badges or achievements for no effort at all.


Cheezy music that not even a romantic B movie chick flick would use, and absolutely horrid gameplay.


what kind of a sick joke is ths, its like it has a copy right protection script, u took it then i start to play it and its like a anoying telephone ruing over and over, not new age, old age...