Reviews for "FWG Evolution"

liked it alot

good game

surprisingly addictive

I think it would be nice to let players know that their beetles lose health after races too, and not just fights. That was unexpected. And I agree, the betting system is off- if you're taking into account the computer player's bet as well, again, a heads-up would be nice.

And at least there is a way to mute the music, but if you're going to have it in the game, shouldn't you give credit to Linkin Park? Strange choice for a beetle game.

awesome game lol

all of the last or second to last gen i named Gnaush,Gnush,or Gnish Lolz!

Awesome Game

Dis game is super cool. :D

Excellent, but

Please, a way to mute the godawful piano cover of the godawful song by godawful linkin park.