Reviews for "FWG Evolution"


The backround music is the best, I finaly got best breed and this game get 10-5 all the way!

Thanks for making this great game!

The music

the beat sounds like linkin park's song numb. its probably just me

the key is..

keep 4 grapes, 3 apples and 4 toys out and only try to have a max of 3 bugs at a time
when theyr hungry, AVOID grapes.. drag them to apples.. when need health drag to grapes.. when not happy (not often happening) drag to a toy

ok not the best

i think there should be no time limit on breeidn gthem and they get to old wats up with that gay!!it wouldnt let get the last breed so that made me mad but gets really easy at the end

Addictive, but Difficult


If you go to the little remote-looking icon it *CLEARLY* says Music, sound, etc. You can edit the sound there. Maybe look next time before bitching, yes?

Anyway, the game is really difficult, but fun once you get the hang of it. I feel like some of the directions were left out though because you can sell bugs for nearly twice what they're viewed as worth in the store. I still don't know if you can level up or not and all of the racing and fighting bugs seem to out-do you in almost everything, but there is always the chance you'll beat a bug better than you.

Over all, fun game, very original. Great job. :)