Reviews for "CLAB - suddle vs Richard"

Suddle for the win. Just due to the fact that Richard is walking through this competition, and isnt showing his skill. The only good battle I heard from Richard was his with Madflex. Other then that his lyrics are lazy, and punches are weak. So Suddle FTW!

v band butt buddy detected.

Rich Was wayyy better suddle is way to predictable boring. Rich Raped and turned the comments on suddle. Go Rich ! cant't wait to hear more!

Not giving points for the Suddle's shit talking in between his verses, but I must say they are hilarious.

Sick verse. Sick multis: "you fucking rhyme like a queer sing, I take a clear swing and bust ya eyebrow piercings." And the "gay bro, halo, lay low, j-lo" even though this one is mostly filler. Sick wordplay with the gay bar bars.

The polar bear flip was insane (Best flip in battle).

Nice verse. Nothing that stands out too much. A lot of multis again.

+"That swag swag faggot shit...."
+The repeating yourself line was good.

Suddle has better flow and delivery, but used a lot of filler.
Rich flipped better and attacked more consistently.

I'm giving it to Suddle for SWAG.

Stay away from the gay porn, so your laptop doesn't break like last year.... at least until the comp is over.


I give it to suddle, because he sounds cool as hell, a bit like Tyler The Creator.

Don't hate on my opinion!!!

This is a serious review! I pick suddle