Reviews for "CLAB - suddle vs Richard"

It was a good battle the closest one yet but everything saddle said was just made useless richard actually ruled him with all his comebacks but its true in the second verse saddle did use the same insults so its richard who got my vote

This is a close battle! they were both clever with the lines. but i would have to go with Suddle, because he just kept my attention and had me laughin with thelast two bars.

nice battle.
Richard- ending on the first verse was way too awkward for me and mostly used flips as opposed to direct attacks. Flips were nice though.
Suddle- you could use a little more gusto as far as mic presence but your attacks were there. did some good research.
I would have to give it to Suddle based on bars, but still a dope battle guys.

Very classy and awesome backing track!

suddlenuance has some interesting rhymes and sounds rather serous as if he was kind of sad about the person he was having to rap against. Great rhymes too. Then his come backs sound like they are rather nonsensical as if he had no idea what to say either.

richja223 has a slightly more interesting line since he cuts the vocals off for a moment at the start and then goes on as normal for the rest of the time. Then his second time around his come backs all sound rather great and humorous at the same time too.

Overall, my vote easily goes to richja223!

Vote don't count, but still, I'm a fan of hip hop so...

The only loser in this battle is War-Spawn with that wack ass beat using those oversampled drums. Fuckin fool ass punk left and ain't voted on shit right after I called his ass out so I hope he went thru with the suicide. Fuckin punk. You did right. Music don't want you.

I have found that I like attack, attack, attack when it comes to battle and Suddle attacked more in the first verse, then Antmann spent a good deal of his first verse (I think, too much) explaining how Suddle repeated other ppl. Which if you never listened to any other battles, would not be the best argument. Then Suddle repeated himself a bit in the second verse, which left it wide open for Antmann to take it. He didn't quite, though.

I've heard Antmann come better, which makes me want to give this battle to Suddle cuz it makes it seem like Antmann underestimated him and didn't give proper respect to the punches that did get thru. He had great flow, multis, all that, but it's more for an album cut, not a battle.

Cuz Suddle was "battling" more, he gets it.