Reviews for "The TRUE death of Hinata"

I liked the idea and talk, even the voice acting was a bit off. And animation was weak.

But it was a good idea, and by ignoring all the rest, I can give this full raiting.

it was pretty funny. However, since I actually like Hinata, seeing as I don't read manga and have only the anime (including fillers) to go with...well.

Lmao, he turned kyubi cuz he's gay for sasuke, dey already kissed

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Animeking1108 is a douche and obviously lives in his mothers basement.... but thats a different matter entirely... I really enjoyed this animation. Thank you for sharing. I did like this story arch in the show as well.

P.S. @animeking1108 "What went wrong?".... You sir... You went wrong...