Reviews for "The TRUE death of Hinata"


I am the most overater character in the whole series and i cannot die!


Nice one

I remember when I saw that chapter where Hinata "dies" I was so disappointed. Of all the Kunoichi in the manga, Hinata was my favorite. So i saw that and it made me laugh. Then, the week after, we saw that Hinata didn't really die. So, fan girls won't kill themselves :D (well those who didn't already do it) btw im a fanboy and I had to resist the temptation of opening my wrist when I saw this vid. Even if I DID laugh :P

filler does not count owened



That was so fucking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL to the max

Ouch Lol =P

I agree with most of the stuff in the vid. It just kinda hurt you were kind of harsh about it. Not a super fanboy, but I do like the pairing, its cute.

Anyway, I did laugh at most of it... except at the end, it was kind of mean. Especially when manga authors give the anime producers some of the material for the fillers.

The last line was a total burn lol. I want to know how many super fanboys you silenced or made cry with that one. XD

'Before you start arguing about how important Hinata is to the plot... just remember.... fillers dont count' BURN...

...Just a question if you dont mind. Do you like Hinata? I know the part where she confesses is cliche... but it was still pretty awesome of her to do when no one else did.

Its fun to make fun about the situation, but it kind of takes it away if you're actually hating on the char D=

As for the actual review: The animation was good, I like how you made fun at some of the parts that were truly stupid, the music was nicely put, as well as implementin your own jokes into the short, and the only really thing that bothered me was the whole hating on the char that gets put in the cliche position.

9/10 =P Nicely done