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Reviews for "Space rocket"

audio portal

this should deffinatly be one of the little animations that play in the audio portal when your listening to a song. only bad thing I noticed about it is the loop seems a little bit laggy. other then that though pretty awesome

Like it

Simplicity + Creativity
Like it, good job :D

Should be in audio portal

This would look absolutely great as a sound gauge in the audio portal. If you have any idea how I can recommend you to the powers-that-be, let me know and I'll do it.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Great choice of music. Was my favorite too.

Nice Job

Since I didn't read the title I had to guess it was looping xD
by the 3rd loop I figured it out lol

Nice choice for the songs, did rang a bell but I couldn't tell exactly where had I heard it
thought it was from a Megaman Title
I played Duck Tales when I was little (around 12) so it was going WAAAAAAAY back to remember it.

5/5 10/10


epic, no, i don't know how to say it.
Nice style, The Moon was a perfect song for this.
And how far does space go anyway?