Reviews for "Space rocket"

Great stuff..

Man I miss the 16-bit era..


I hate to be the only guy who gives this a bad review but it was pretty dumb. Nohting really happened and I was hoping for something longer. As for the looping, I didn't see anything wrong. Put more into next time.


It is.. Addicting O_O

I love it, nice work.

Even if it doesn't loop correctly

I loved it
soooo much!
nostalgy i felt while i watch that flash!
you just made my day, i went back to my childish times
thanks ^^


well it was cool. i like the fact that this video gives you the ability to tell you who's a complete retard. sense its a loop they'll just be compelled to watch it until it says "End" unless they read the comments. i know i sure don't lol.

all in all it was pretty freakin groovy. curse your looping goodness!!!