Reviews for "Upwn - Chainsawface"


One of the wierdest COLAB i've seen yet, and as 'off'.

It dosent deserve a blam, and it dosent deserve a bloody trophy.
Its somewhere in the middle, where all penis humor is at.

I cant believe it... so bad

I managed to watch them all, that achievement deserves more recognition than this flash

OK... the only one that was half desent was Spite-Skater, as his was wel animated, had a nice little bit of comedy, and had a nice sounds... the rest were the 5 year old kind of humor. The hahahaha, look its a penis comedy doesnt make me laugh anymore, in fact, anything with the word chainsaw in the title is generally crap

You guys need ALOT of improvement, your flash skill are... passable, but the humor is as funny as being bitten by a shark. By the way, didnt mean to flame, just read what I had written...


Best way to describe it.


making shorts in flash is really nothing really exciting...
mostly bad and short art
sick music
2 points for the main menu

Good Movie

A funny movie to look at.
animation is a old looking but good.