Reviews for "Upwn - Chainsawface"


the best one was sucho's part, and fawx part. good job on this collab guys

Beh not that good

Its kinda sucky, I grew more annoyed after each short.
The only think I liked was the music at part of Tuckr.
What is the name of that song by the way?

A bright future ahead!

5 years after this flash was submitted, UPWN solves world hunger and saves Africa! Getting more money and praise than anyone could of ever imagined..

Da haters got raped by a lion..

-this message has been brought to you by the educational fish
////: /Message.exe

you can't really lose with Monty Python...

I really liked sucho's part of the collab. Great animation, and wonderful choice of music:)


wow a bunch of guys doodled a chainsaw on a man's head and drew penises on them. This isn't 8th grade you know (wasn't even funny then).