Reviews for "Upwn - Chainsawface"

Is this supposed to be some sort of internet icon?

I'm not sure i get it.. is this thing supposed to be some sort of mascot for your forums or something?

with so many artist you'd think their would be a decent flash.

Just... No

This was an absolute waste of space. I'm only giving you guys 2, to give some credibility to whoever was crazy enough to put this on the front page. Next time, mabye make it at least funny or something. In most, the animation could've been better. The other point is for your audio. It was all spot on.

little effort

most of them were just bad, repetitive animations with good songs attached. Spite-Skater's was the only one which saved this from a 0 IMO.


sorry to say but it wasnt that great.
The idea was good but it didnt turn out as great.


TUCKR's didn't even have chainsaw face in it.