Reviews for "Upwn - Chainsawface"


fede2 was the best one.

Bad Idea. . .

Shame on whoever thought this idea would be entertaining. most of the animations were only like 2 seconds long and just had the guys head moving back and forth. I don't see how you guys could find that entertaining. Oh well you need to have better animation and maybe more of a reason for a chainsaw head guy. Some of the music was ok.

Sorry guys....

fawx, I expect so much more out of you. Sorry guys, the entertainment just wasn't there.


I don't understand what this is trying to say and it really odd.

Not bad...

A decent collaboration.

I know this one isn't getting a lot of good feedback, but I like that you guys all jammed on a concept and presented your individual takes on it.

Plus... screw all these negative A-holes!!!