Reviews for "Upwn - Chainsawface"


excellent from most of you

some... not so much

i loved the idea and humor guys


I love these reviews! They are so great. Keep hating on the UPWN crew, it just makes us laugh. Anyway, everything was good, except for that gaywad abnormal's part.... it SUCKED.


ahhhhhhh yeah boy :D

When I saw the first upwn collab and saw spite's part, I had a strange feeling that ChainsawFace will return. I was right. Alot of great animation here and some made me laugh alot. My personal favorite were Nogfish, Tommy, Sucho, Spite and Fautzo's 2nd part. Overall, you might have your website a new member ;)

BTW, these reviews are funny.


Talent. Good ideas. Ever heard of them? No, didn't think so. It's only a 2 instead of a zero for the people in that who can animate half decently. (1)

That was weak...

Maybe if it had some more structure, possibly a connecting story it would've been remotely funny.

The only thing that entertained me in that was the lumberjack song, that was just delicious irony XD