Reviews for "Upwn - Chainsawface"

takes a while to sink in

but it has some good times. if more was done to make it a collab, and not a click-and-repeat fest, it would be better. looking foward to see more, in-depth creating, of Chainsaw face later.

ahh yes

quite interesting


Some where all right, some wasn't so great as well. You guys need to work on the loops.

not bad

this was very funny but some of them were annoying and some were funny

it was good jus wish that most of them weren't 5-8 second loops

pretty awsome

yeah its a pretty big file,
but most of the animations were pretty ace!
it was well worth the wait.
but the thing i cant get my brain pickin fingers off is the music on the menu,
it sound pretty good.
you know what the title is and who made it by any chance?