Reviews for "Tf2: Meet the Pyro"

Laugh out loud!

As the title says, I thought this movie was funny, it has decent animation, and above all Spys will never see the day of light with a Pyro around.

Good job!

night-raider responds:

Thanks, always appreciated.

Really Great!

I loved the whole animation as a whole, but you could touch up on the drawings a tiny bit. Better then what i can do, but a little lopsided here and there.
I love the start of a spy check, and the cut of was well placed, but maybe you could have done another clip with the whole process. anyway, really well done. keep it up!

night-raider responds:

Yeah I guess I could have, but that wont leave much to the imagination. Glad you liked it.

the opening text

it would be great to see the text in the beggining about the pyro at birth being put into a real animation but apart from that great flash!

This is great

its exactly how i'd see Pyro's Meet the. You sir, have won yourself 10/10 5/5


Did you do it in Serif draw plus ??? Then you#r just like me