Reviews for "Tf2: Meet the Pyro"

A good try.

You did well , but you could have better visuals (no offence!).


It was pretty entertaining. The jokes were pretty good and the audio was decent but the visuals could have easily been improved. This was an entertaining video but with some tweaking to the visuals and even the audio and you would have had one amazing video. Other than that, it was still a solid, entertaining effort. Good job.

Very good and humurous.

That was very good and enjoyable. You definetly used the humour of Team Fortress two well. I agree that no one takes the Pyro seriously. Under that gas mask and fire proof vest is a being that has feelings. But what was the hidden easter egg from Left for dead. I replayed it twice but I could not see it anywhere? But in any case good work and see if you can make a spoof on left for dead as well.

night-raider responds:

Oh, it wasn't really an easter egg. If you listen to the music during the shootout, you'll hear the battle music in L4d. Now as for making a cartoon about it, we'll see. I'm glad you enjoyed my take on what the pyro might really be like.


This is awesome. I can't wait for more.


that was funy