Reviews for "Tf2: Meet the Pyro"


well done its hard to find good tf2 movies this is one of the best ive seen great job


i love the part
"there is a spy among us!"
"thats propostorus!"
"ah another successful-
*akward silence*

night-raider responds:

I was hoping someone would. You've made my day.

I like it.

Pyro class is a fav and I must say, you did a great job!

night-raider responds:

Pyro's actually not one of my favourite classes, but I love the idea of him. Thanks for watching.


I enjoyed this... I've been wondering how they would do a Meet the Pyro with the mask and all... maybe like this with subtitles or maybe something more like south park... *click*... hehehe... spy checking is fun!

the animation was just a little rough... enjoyable though

night-raider responds:

I've been following the Valve conspiracies for a bit, and my guess is that the Pyro will unmask him/herself in the video. Some people have been saying Valve is laying subtle clues about the Pyro's gender. I say the Medic video will be next, there'll be more hints to look out for.

Thanks for watching.

Ho Nice !!

Haha Make me Wanna Play Now...

For the who that haven't noticed the Left 4 Dead ''Easter Egg?''
People think I'm just a nut in a mask..
and then *L4D Music* (or Effect If you want to call it like this.)
Night-Raider ? Right ?

night-raider responds:

You got it. Only, the l4d music comes on right when the battle scene starts. But full marks anyways.