Reviews for "Tf2: Meet the Pyro"


Finally the pyro gets one, now all we need is the medic.

I have a creeping suppision that the pyro may be a female... I saw ...things in its locker while playing seriously

night-raider responds:

Yeah, that purse...Valve is messing with us. I figured if the Pyro isn't a woman, he's a homosexual. Think about it, in that era, homosexuality was most likely looked down on with serious prejudice. So what does a gay man do? Hide in a flame retarded suit and pretend he's a nutter.

Hmm, starting to wish I made a video around that instead...


I can only say the animation is a bit off in the quality department, but overall this is great. Worth downloading even.;D

night-raider responds:

Art's never been my strong suit, but I implore you to look at my previous works. i'd say I'ts come along way for just a hobby.

the opening text

it would be great to see the text in the beggining about the pyro at birth being put into a real animation but apart from that great flash!

The animation is rough...

...Which is good that way! Dude, this was the best homemade meet the- video ive seen.Now lets just wait 4 the valve, we will what they have figured out for it... :D


that was cool