Reviews for "Tf2: Meet the Pyro"

lol i love it

if i was 1 of the class mates i would stay XD and lol HOLD STILL EVERY1 SUM1 HERE IS A SPY ......... poposturous......... ANOTHER SUCSESFUL ........(fire on flamethrower clicks on)


10/10 5/5 i love how he just stands there looking at the guy and all of a sudden the flame goes on XD

fucking awesome

this is just the style what those from machinima r making the series- they first go about the feelings of the character, then the fun with him

night-raider responds:

I'm glad you like it. However, if you're referring to the "Meet the Team" videos, those ones aren't by machinima, they're by Valve. Machinima just showcases them.

If it's something else though, let me know, I'd love to see what else they're up to.


It made sense in a comical way

night-raider responds:

That's a great definition of funny, now that I think about it "Making sense in a comical way".

Go patent it.

I laughed hard

My favorite scene was when the pyro just burst in and was like "Hold still, there's someone disguised as a spy among us!" "preposterous!" "Ah, another sucessful proc-" *Lights flamethrower*

night-raider responds:

Thanks for watching. I'm glad the joke got a response.